Bedroom Style Trends – Spring 2015

Bedroom Style Trends – Spring 2015

This year, we’re saying goodbye to kitschy tropical motifs and feature walls, and saying hello to gold, blue and animal hide.

Here are 5 bedroom style suggestions for a new season look!

1. Go for Gold

“Gold is continuing to make a return in 2015 from sink taps, handles, lighting fixtures, picture frames, through to furniture such as side tables to name a few,” says Prue Lovejoy from Home HQ. To make this look work, Prue recommends mixing and matching gold with silvers, stainless steel, wrought iron and coppers, or going bold with all gold. There are no rules.

Bedroom suggestion – DaVinci Antionette Gold (arriving September 2015)

Experience romantic luxury with DaVinci’s Antionette Gold quilt cover set. A matching walled brunch cushion features two tone tassel fringing, while the matching round cushion is embellished with pearl beads.

2. Blue is Back

Blue lovers rejoice, because the hue is a major trend already on the style radar. “Looking at many of the new collections coming through overseas, blue is big this year,” says Prue. “From indigo blue to deep navy, blue will be a staple from bed linen to cushions, even large furniture pieces like headboards and sofas.”

Bedroom Suggestion – DaVinci Armada Navy (arriving September 2015)

A superbly crafted bedroom showpiece, Armada Navy features a large scale embroidered geometric pattern in metallic gold on a navy background. The coordinating decorator cushion features metallic gold diamond embroidery on a shot satin look fabric.

3. Go Wild with Animal Hide

“It appears our love of nature extends to the cowhide (and other animal hides) which will continue to be prominent in the home this year,” says Prue. “But we’ll see it in more than just rugs, with cushions, throw blankets, and even artwork endorsing the cowhide.”

Bedroom Suggestion – Kilburn & Scott Wolf Bed Runner

This gorgeous Wolf Bed Runner lends the bedroom a stylish finish with its chocolate toned faux fur in harmony with a toasty microfleece on its reverse for the coldest nights.

4. Floral Prints

Floral is one trend that continues to make an appearance, but this year look for the loose, watercolour styles. But there is a trick to avoiding it looking too fussy. “My tip? Less is more,” says Vanessa Ross, Head Buyer at Temple & Webster. “A single piece is often enough – pair a floral cushion with solids in the same colour palette.


5. White on White

If you love crisp minimalism, then you’re going to love the white on white trends that will continue to grace the pages of décor mags. “Decorating with all white will continue to be popular this year, especially for living spaces and bedrooms where it creates a calm, fresh feel,” says Vanessa. If you’re worried about it looking too plain, Vanessa recommends layering in different textures. “Don’t be afraid of different shades of white; it will help to keep the room interesting.”

Bedroom Suggestion – DaVinci Chiara Snow


Adapted from – “13 Interior Design Trends for 2015” by Penelope Quinn – Read the full article 

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