Caring For Your Feather & Down Doona

Caring For Your Feather & Down Doona

If properly cared for, a feather and down doona will provide many years of trouble free use. By following a few simple rules, you can ensure that yours does as well.


When your doona first arrives it will appear very small and ‘flat’. This is because the filling has been compressed for shipping. Take the doona out of it’s packaging, give it a good shake to loft (“fluff up”) the filling inside and then lay it out on the bed and allow it to air for at least a couple of hours.

Your doona is ready to use when the cover takes on a plump appearance, this means that the filling inside has expanded and is able to provide optimal warmth.

Regular Care

Your doona will benefit from a regular “shake” to loft the filling, we suggest that you do this at least weekly. Regularly lofting the filling will ensure that the doona continues to provide optimal warmth and retains it plump look.

Over time, the filling may become a little “clumpy”. This happens when the filling becomes moist (generally as a result of absorbing sweat). This can be simply fixed by drying out the filling either by airing it in the sun for a few hours or placing in a medium to low heated dryer.


We recommend that you dry clean your feather & down doona, but they can also be hand washed with mild soap and water. If hand washing, it is important that you dry it properly in a medium to low heated dryer before use. If the filling is not properly dried after washing, the filling can begin to smell and to rot.


Rejuvenation is a process that typically involves removing all the filling from the doona, sorting it for broken feathers, washing the filling and the cover, then refilling the doona and if necessary, topping up the filling to bring the doona back to it’s original warmth.

Rejuvenation requires specialised equipment and skills and should be done by a doona rejuvenation expert. Alora House is able to arrange doona rejuvenation on behalf of customers.

To maintain optimal performance and warmth, we recommend that you rejuvenate your doona every 2-3 years.

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