Duck Vs Goose Down – Which is better?

Duck Vs Goose Down – Which is better?

Is goose down really better than duck down?

In the context of bedding products, it is often stated that goose down is better than duck down, but is it really true?

There are many factors that affect the quality of the down and what bird it comes from is just one of them.

Generally, the best down comes from larger and more mature birds. When age and maturity are equal, goose down is better than duck down however mature duck down is better than immature goose down.

The photos below show the difference between a high quality mature goose down cluster and poor quality goose down cluster taken from a less mature bird.

Quilts filled with this will be very light, fluffy (lofty), warm and long lasting


Quilts filled with this will be flatter and will require more fill weight to achieve the same warmth

Asian countries tend to slaughter their birds at an earlier stage of maturity than Poland, Hungary, and other European nations which have a long history of raising geese and ducks that are more mature.

This means that down sourced from Asia tends to have poor lofting ability and it also tends to collapse in a relatively short time, because its fibres are so fragile.

By contrast a quilt made using mature European down will be warmer, lighter and fluffier. It will also last much longer than one made with immature down.

Alora House uses only premium quality European goose down filling in it’s quilts and pillows.

Alora House also offers high quality Australian duck down filling as a cost effective alternative to European goose down.

Our Australian duck down is sourced only from mature birds and is superior to poor quality goose down often found in products imported from Asia.

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