Live plucking – where is our down & feather sourced from?

Live plucking – where is our down & feather sourced from?

All feather & down used in our doonas and pillows is sourced from reputable and reliable European suppliers that obtain their down as a by-product of meat production.

Plucking feathers from live geese is forbidden by EU legislation on animal welfare. Article 23 (3) of the recommendation of the Council of Europe on geese(1) states that ‘feathers, including down, shall not be plucked from live birds’.

25 Member States of the EU have signed and ratified the European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purposes; the detailed list is available on the website of the Council of Europe. However, since the European Union signed and ratified the Convention, the Convention and its subsequent recommendations are part of EC law. As such they are legally binding for all Member States as well as for the Union.

According to the European Down and Feather Association, 98% of the down and feathers processed by their industry is collected after the slaughter of birds. A small amount of European down & feathers is gathered from geese during their natural moulting period when the bird naturally changes its feathers and the old ones are shed. Harvesting during moulting season is only allowed under strictly defined rules and unlike live plucking does not involve any harm or trauma to the birds.

The European Down and Feather Association has established a compliance program to ensure it’s members comply with all relevant regulations and has been dedicated to checking and monitoring farms and breeding plants for years.

Alora House does not support the practice of live plucking at all and does not source down & feathers from Asian countries where in some parts, the practice of live plucking continues to be used.

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