Lux Doonas is now Alora House!

Lux Doonas is now Alora House!


Alora House, Formerly Lux Doonas, Is Expanding Their Product Range


Upscale bedding provider Lux Doonas, has changed their name to Alora House and expanded their product range to include alpaca doonas, organic bamboo sheets, baby linen, and other high-end bedding items.


19th April 2015 –Lux Doonas has rebranded into the new Alora House, and along with the rebranding is an exciting expansion of product range. Previously specializing in a wide range of feather and down doonas, Alora House now offers organic bamboo sheets, a variety of Alpaca doonas, baby linens, and other bedding products focused on both comfort and quality for customers.


The Alpaca doonas now offered by Alora House are made to last using natural Alpaca fleece, and studies have shown that this type of bedding is up to 25% warmer than wool, while still remaining breathable enough to provide optimal comfort. As a semi-hollow type of fibre, an Alpaca fleece doona has a lightweight feel and is naturally moisture absorbent.


While popular in the autumn and winter months, Alpaca fleece doonas are breathable and lightweight enough to provide a comfortable bedding option all year round. For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Alpaca fleece is a natural and environmentally friendly fabric option that has an unsurpassed durability with regular care.


Another natural and environmentally conscious option now provided by Alora House is their offering of organic bamboo sheets. Bamboo is a quickly growing natural resource that requires no need for pesticides, allowing the harvesting and growing of the material to be as environmentally conscious as the use of the products it makes.


The softness of organic bamboo sheets is often compared to the softness of cashmere or silk, and the material is exceptionally easy to maintain. Washing the sheets on a gentle cycle in a washing machine with cold water and fabric soap, and drying on a gentle cycle, is often all the sheets require for optimal upkeep. Bamboo fibres are also naturally odour resistant, and naturally breathable, so sheets made from the fibres require less need for washing when compared to sheets of other materials.


Alora House is also expanding their product range into baby linens, and these products are made safe and natural for the delicate needs of young children of all ages. Natural and high quality baby linens allow for children to have a safe night’s rest as they provide them with the comfort necessary to achieve hours of much needed sleep. Sleep is always an important need for growing babies, and high quality linens allow for the comfortable sleep necessary for optimal growth.


Along with the new product range, Alora House will still be offering their signature lines of upscale Australian duck and goose down feather doonas, thereby allowing customers to have continued access to old favourites as well as an opportunity to try something different in their bedding. Alora House may be contacted via phone at 1 300 252 707, or by e-mail at info @

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