What is Eiderdown?

What is Eiderdown?

Rarer than a Rolls Royce, a genuine Eiderdown duvet is extremely rare, in great demand and highly prized (accounting for its high price).

Eiderdown, or eider down, comes from the Common Eider Duck, a large migratory sea duck. Eiderdown is exceptionally soft and has insulating properties superior to any other down.

A Male and Female Eider Duck

The total worldwide annual harvest of eiderdown could be carried by one small truck. In 2014 Rolls Royce delivered 4063 cars yet the annual harvest of eiderdown was less than 3000kg. An average doona uses about 1kg of eiderdown filling, so a genuine eiderdown duvet is actually rarer than a Rolls Royce!

The eider duck lives near the Arctic circle, but comes to the shorelines of Iceland, Canada and Finland to nest in May/June. The female eider duck plucks down from it’s breast to line the nest. Once the eggs are in the nest, the precious eider duck down is hand collected. The eider down is then replaced with hay that keeps the eggs warm. In certain cases, the farmer waits until the nest is abandoned to collect the eiderdown.

Only 15-20 grams of eiderdown (eider down) can be collected from each nest. An eiderdown comforter with 1 kg. of down may contain eiderdown from the raw material of over 60 nests.


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