What is Siberian Goose Down?

What is Siberian Goose Down?

White Siberian goose down is highly prized filling for doonas but what exactly is it?

There are many products being sold in various forms that state they are filled with “Siberian Down”. It is advertised as being the finest down in the world, because of the severity of the Siberian climate.

The Down Association of Canada plus other bedding experts argue that the actual Siberian goose doesn’t look or quack like a duck, er, goose down doona. The Siberian Goose is a protected species which as per the picture below, flaunts red and black plumage–hardly the pristine white colour for a white goose down comforter.

In response to inquiry from the Down Association of Canada a major supplier of “Siberian Goose Down” stated: “We have marketed and sold a high end, expensive, European region product called `Siberian Goose Down’ for a couple of years or more in this country and world-wide. We have never claimed this product to represent a single country of origin”.

At this time, the Down Association of Canada has concluded that “Siberian Goose Down” is simply a trade name. As it is not testable, nor registered, nor set with any kind of quality standard, it means that the quality cannot be verified. At this time any manufacturer or retailer can call any level of quality – “Siberian Goose Down”, whether it is a high, medium, or low quality material. There appears to be no standard, so the term is meaningless.

We think that use of the term ‘Siberian Goose Down’ to describe a type of goose down implies a specific origin in a manner that is intended to enhance the perceived value of a potentially mediocre or even inferior product. We feel this is inherently deceptive.

The moral of the story? Buyer beware, and do your homework. If you are considering a Siberian goose down doona, then make enquiries first as to the real origin and quality of the down. Perhaps you’re better off avoiding the risk of fake products altogether and choosing a European or Canadian down doona instead.

Read the Down Association of Canada’s post on Siberian goose down

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